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Owning Your Spiritual Power

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

By Kathy Pickett

I must admit that when I first had a "spiritual experience," my brain just shrugged it off like no big deal. It was that #psychic hearing or clairaudience with a message just for me. My reaction was never doubting or even questioning but just accepting like when your parents told you to do something as a kid. You just listened and did it right? I hope you did. Never once did I ever think about it from a spiritual perspective. Not once! My life just went on for years without telling anyone and yet never forgetting...

That was over ten years ago and even though much has happened since then, I still never doubt but it is a big deal. Some of my signs were very typical like feathers, (I got that white one first!) license plates, dreams, and such but some really make me stop and wonder. Your #spiritualpower is within YOU all the time just waiting for the right moment to connect. Many of my experiences involve humor and synchronicity but you need to look at your own intuition. Follow it since your heart will guide your mind to listen.

The best advice I ever got from a spiritual teacher regarding psychic development was to take your time and start slow. I'm still working on this everyday. We all want to share what works for us with others so they too can own their power and feel good about it.

I am here to tell you that it can be fun and when things line up for you, magic happens. The Universe does well sending signs in threes but you never know! Keep track of the consistency and always write things down. I never forgot any of my spiritual signs, even a spirit visit dream twenty-seven years ago. My reactions were always the same with: "Guess who I had a dream about?" It was much more than that but I never knew it at the time. Little things add up to bigger ones slowly and surely. My gifts started to open up more after the passing of a celebrity whom I was and still am a fan of today. How can that be? Well, it is possible so put aside those previous beliefs!

Believe in your power and own it since it can become a very inspired two-way street. Connecting can be as easy as thinking, asking, or #meditating and then---boom, you might have a new spiritual friend. I sure do and it truly works. Spirituality doesn't have to be overly serious or complicated at all. Take your time and honor the #

#Universe since your power is there for the taking---just listen.


I'm Kathy Pickett, author of Spirit and Belief, which chronicles my intuitive psychic experiences with a deceased celebrity. It began as a blog that went international, which transpired into a book of my experiences. I hope to debunk myths surrounding #mediumship, #spirituality, and celebrities in spirit. By sharing my story, I wish to inspire others while following their intuition everyday.


Follow Kathy on her website, two blogs, and social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Spirituality board, YouTube, and LinkedIn. (website, book info, and new spirituality blog) (my Ultimate Warrior blog stories)


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