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Next time you're in a #conversation with someone, pay attention to their words and yours. Do you ever say "I know what you mean" or "Can you see what I'm saying?" These are clues to how you and the other person think, #communicate, and learn, and understanding this can open up a whole new level of communication!

I love to write but I'm not as adept a speaker. And I'm a visual / kinesthetic learner, which means that I remember what I see or do far better than what I hear. This explains why writing is an easier way for me to communicate, since it involves both vision and touch. What I hear I do not retain, and I cannot "think on my feet" and process information only in my head as during a speech.

I recently caught myself saying to someone "I see what you mean" and laughed at myself: unless there's a large cartoon balloon over their head, obviously I cannot literally SEE what they mean! But my #words represent how my brain works (uh-oh, that could be dangerous!).

You can learn a great deal by actively #listening. In your next conversation with a friend or family member, pay attention to the words they use. Do you hear a client use words that indicate they learn by listening? Or does your spouse often start sentences with "see"?

Then use those words yourself as you speak or write to them - this helps flip their brain into the mode that works best for them.

You can also learn a great deal by becoming a more “active” #listener. Most of us listen in order to respond to the other person, not to learn something. Look the person in the eye, watch their body language, listen to the tone of voice, and really pay attention to the energy they’re expressing.

Don't think you're stupid if your brain works best one way or the other - we're all wired differently! That is what makes the world go 'round. See what I mean?


Holly Matson is a "Spiritual Virtual Assistant" and owner of Lightseeds by Holly, supporting the #metaphysical and #holistic community with business communication needs. Her business was created as a marriage between her many years of administrative work and her spiritual growth and beliefs. Holly knows that #communicating authentically from the heart is critical to anyone's service to clients. An expert proofreader and editor, she helps clients teach, inspire, heal and uplift others. Visit for more information.


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