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Dream Class


Ever wonder what the universe is trying to tell you through your dreams?
Your dreams can give you a deeper meaning into you if you only know how to look.
Sometimes others can see what your dreams are saying better then you can see yourself.
Come and share your dream and help others to understand their dream, by working together to see what opens up.
After we share a meal and play a game or two.
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Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi:

1292 Summit Ave, Lakewood Ohio 44107.
From 7:00pm to 9:30pm.
Donation Accepted & Appreciated


What Is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi is a Native Hawaiian Energy Healing Class which teaches you how to use your energy and let it flow from Source through you into the person on the table. It's a chance to give as well as receive, to leave with a peaceful feeling which helps you to rejuvenate.

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian healing that connects the heart, mind, body and soul. This sacred healing art, passed down from generation to generation, utilizes Sacred Healing Energy for a profoundly relaxing experience.

What is this Sacred Energy that fills your being when you experience the properties of rejuvenation? A healing energy that heals your spirit as it touches your soul. Now, imagine this Sacred Healing Energy infusing every cell in your body; bringing health and happiness. This is the Sacred Healing Energy of Lomi Lomi.”

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Meditation & Development Classes

  Rev. Tim Brainard: Meditation and Message Class:Come join us at Harmonic Journeys for an evening of enlightenment with Rev. Tim Brainard Medium-Psychic. Rev. Tim will guide you through a Meditation to open you to the world of receiving messages as you learn to quiet yourself and receive. During this class you will build your confidence in listening to your inner-voice and learn to not only receive messages but also to give messages to others.For Dates and Times Please visit our Calendar of Events Page. 

Rev, Debi Fellows: Development Class

Join Rev. Debi Fellows for an evening of learning and fun. Find out how to learn to trust your own intuition through discussion and exercises that allow you to increase your connection to your intuition, providing a dependable link to Spirit and the wonderful guidance this connection provides.

For Dates and Times Please visit our Calendar of Events Page.

Harmonic Journeys

1292 Summit Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
ph: 216-221-8076

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