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Please note:  All onsite programs have been cancelled due to Covid-19 at this time.   

Please check out our online Zoom offerings

Services, Classes, & Workshops

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Women Who Run With the Wolves

April 21, 2021

online ZOOM gathering


On-Site at Harmonic Journeys

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Come join us for a magical book study led by Pam Bittner, on "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.


Hello Wild, Wonderful Women,

Please note, this is an internet meeting through zoom only.

Beginning in January, we are going to be starting the book again at chapter 1, on the third wed of the month at 7 pm via the internet on Zoom.


Celebrate life


Walk Safely


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New and Full Moon Ceremonies

4/12/21 New Moon      ZOOM (internet only)

4/26/21 Full (PINK) Moon  ZOOM (internet only)

Set your intentions during the new and full moons and see how they come to life.

Get clear on what we want in our lives and will set our intentions for what's ahead and feel good about what we're creating or letting go.

Cost: $10.00 

NEW MOON CEREMONY:  April 12, 2021  7-9pm  online gathering only

FULL MOON CEREMONY:  April 26, 2021  7-9pm  online gathering only

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HJ Rainbow Eagle BOOK Cover.jpg

Native American Spirituality: A Walk in the Woods, by Rainbow Eagle

4/11/21   ZOOM only  1:30-3:00 pm

Rainbow Eagle's second book, "Native American Spirituality: A Walk in the Woods" (now in a special revised edition) includes teachings related to Native American spirituality, Peace Shield teachings, prophecies of both North and South America and spiritual guidance about getting ready for Cosmic Relationships. Rainbow Eagle was honored to participate in the International UFO congress in 2011.


You can purchase the book from Rainbow Eagle  at

HJ Rainbow Eagle Book Back Cover.jpg
HJ Ann Swider Book Love ON cover.jpg

Poetry Reading and Book Signing by:  Ann Swider  

Love On, Love On

Zoom & On-Site  4/24/21  1-3pm


Come join us on site at Harmonic Journeys, or via Zoom, for an afternoons entertainment of our very own local poet and photographer as she reads from her newly published book, Love On Love On.

Hear what she has to say about staying motivated and fresh in the colorful world around us!

Books will be available at this event!  

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 Coming Soon to Harmonic Journeys!

Rian Dean.jpg

Do You Live in The Real World? presented by Dean Rian 2/27/21  12-2

ZOOM only

Are you the cause of your Life, or is your life controlled by the choices made by others? 


Everyone always tells us to "live in the real world". Does this permit you to Be the creator of your life or does living in the real world require you to let others create your life for you, to their benefit?


In this two-hour intensive we will look at the true nature of reality and play with tools and processes to step into the creation of the life you choose. 

Date: February 27, 2021

Time:  12-2 pm

Cost:  $20

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5 Key Steps to Happiness in Today’s World

On-site and via Zoom


In light of the current events that have taken our world by storm, do you feel a little out of sorts and lack of joy these days? 


During this time, many of us are questioning our faith, experiencing disharmony, and have newfound worries and fears. With all these new challenges it can be hard to see the light and be happy.  But all is not lost, and this is one of the greatest times to be alive. 


Join us for a spiritual talk on how you can get in tune with your true joy and create happiness in these uncertain times. 


Ledian and Candie from Soul Path Awakenings will talk on 5 simple techniques and ways that can lead us into personal happiness and fulfillment.  Don’t miss this one.


Location: 1292 Summit Ave, Lakewood Ohio 44107




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 Intro to the Chakras and Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

Come learn how these energy centers affect your everyday life and how to keep them balanced! 


You will learn about the seven major chakras and how keeping them balanced can highly benefit your all around health. We will do a short worksheet to help guide you in what may be holding you back.

I will also guide you through a balancing meditation you will be able to practice at home!


Kaley is a Reiki master who has been practicing for over three years. She started her chakra journey alongside her first reiki session after seeing how important and beneficial keeping them balanced truly is. 

Location: 1292 Summit Ave, Lakewood Ohio 44107 and                        via Zoom on the internet



Maximum onsite Participants:  

Cost:  $15.00   

Please visit our Shop Events page.

HJ Kaley chakra 7 12 2020.jpg

Lomi Lomi

coming soon!

What Is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi is a Native Hawaiian Energy Healing Class which teaches you how to use your energy and let it flow from Source through you into the person on the table. It's a chance to give as well as receive, to leave with a peaceful feeling which helps you to rejuvenate.

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian healing that connects the heart, mind, body and soul. This sacred healing art, passed down from generation to generation, utilizes Sacred Healing Energy for a profoundly relaxing experience.

What is this Sacred Energy that fills your being when you experience the properties of rejuvenation? A healing energy that heals your spirit as it touches your soul. Now, imagine this Sacred Healing Energy infusing every cell in your body; bringing health and happiness. This is the Sacred Healing Energy of Lomi Lomi.”


Location: 1292 Summit Ave, Lakewood Ohio 44107

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Cost: $5.00


Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation


willow sound bowl.jpg

Sound is Energy & Vibration. These vibrations will allow you to enter into an altered state of consciousness & brainwave function, through which you may experience personal insights, spontaneous healing, & exciting adventures.

Cost: $15 Space is limited.

Community Drum Circle (will come again , 2021)

Edgewater Beach

HJ Pic drumming circle.jpg

Let's celebrate life at the sunset and make a joyful noise! All are welcome to join us for a community drum circle at Edgewater beach. Enter from lower Edgewater and walk past the dog beach on your left.  Donations to support Harmonic Journeys are welcome!

What to bring:

-Drums or musical instruments


See you at the drum circle!

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