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When Resentment Gets in the Way

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

A time management coach I know recently asked her audience, "What is the resentment factor involved in the task you need to complete?"

Isn't that an interesting concept? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much #resentment is involved in any task you take on, any project, any client, any errand or chore?

Think about it from another viewpoint: what #energy is behind a task you feel less than happy about performing? If you resent having to spend time on it, you put that energy into the task - how can it be successful? When we're faced with tasks that rate high on the resentment factor, it's time to re-evaluate.

If you’re familiar with the term “Conscious Creation,” then you probably understand that what you put your attention and focus on, you give your energy to. If your life consists of a great deal of resentment and annoyance, you’re creating more of that energy, and thus you’ll see more things to feel resentful and annoyed about.

“Wait, are you asking me to not feel resentful about having to do something I don’t like to do?” Nope, not at all! You can certainly shift your #attitude by looking at positive outcomes of doing the thing. For instance, let’s say you really REALLY hate cleaning the kitchen. You’re mad that other members of the family aren’t helping. You’re then going to become more and more angry when the kitchen is a wreck, and resent it even more.

Try this: think of the last time you really cleaned that kitchen and made it shine. It felt good to see it so neat and clean, didn’t it? Creating a meal was easier and more pleasant, right? You could even focus on the pleasantness of a new fragrant natural cleaner, or how well those new sponges work! See, that’s a shift to a positive aspect of the task, no matter how small.

Another way to lessen negative feelings around tasks is to #delegate – to a family member, to someone you hire, or perhaps neighborhood task-trading. Also consider how important the task is – could you stop doing it altogether? Obviously you can’t stop cleaning the kitchen, but are there other tasks you dislike that you could re-evaluate?

Let's spend the majority of time on the tasks that don't even register on the resentment scale, and either eliminate or delegate those that do!


Holly Matson is a "Spiritual Virtual Assistant" and owner of Lightseeds by Holly, supporting the #metaphysical and #holistic community with business communication needs. Her business was created as a marriage between her many years of administrative work and her spiritual growth and beliefs. Holly knows that #communicating authentically from the heart is critical to anyone's service to clients. An expert proofreader and editor, she helps clients teach, inspire, heal and uplift others. Visit for more information.


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